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Spiegelau Special Cider Glasses, Set of 4


Special Glasses Cider Set of 4


Who doesn’t love Cider? The trendy beverage made of apples.
The thirst-quenching alcoholic beverage is a hip summer drink inviting us to discover its wild temper and the character of the apples in it.

There are many styles varying between filtered, carbonated and pasteurised. While Cider has a long tradition in Europe it is basically produced across the entire world.  More and more producers are now going back to brewing sophisticated styles and even turn to traditional cider apple varieties.

Spiegelau has developed a Cider glass that enhances the flavours and enjoyment of all good ciders. While the glass is perfect for Apple Ciders, it’s also ideal for enjoying Pear Ciders, Perrys and Fruit Flavoured Ciders.