Stafford Bloom Coasters, Set of 6

Stafford Bloom Coasters, Set of 6

$49.99 CAD

Dishwasher safe
Seamless design
H 245 mm 107 mm (H 9.6" 4.2")
800 mL (28.2 oz)
Made in Germany

The Novo wine glass series takes its inspiration from the eye-catching fermenters. Constructed in either wood or concrete, the containers are designed using the golden ratio of the egg, which encourages continuous organic movement during fermentation through an internal current. This fascinating winemaking vessel is once again becoming a popular tool for world-class winemakers. Based on the same principle, the natural curves of the wine glasses provide a perfect surface for the circulation and aeration of wine. Produced by Spiegelau's iconic high quality machines, the innovative glasses lack rough edges and are an ideal shape to present wines in all of their elegance and diversity.